Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mowglie's New Home

I just killed a flower pot and life is good:)

Where do I start? Kinda hard as I didn't have what my Mum thinks is a "great beginning". I was born under an office building in a rough part of town where people would drop dogs off and other people would pick them up to use as Pit Bull bait dogs. My doggie mom was a Spaniel mix and we didn't know what a human was until we were about 6 weeks old. After we could walk and emerged from underneath the building, we were brought to a ladies farm where a bunch of other dogs lived. My Mum and Dad don't really know all the details of our time "on the farm" but have some speculations of their own how it was. They sometimes get sad when they talk about it.

I'm a sturdy fella weighing in at 65lbs. Stocky :) My new folks brought my brother Bava with them when they came to meet me and I didn't know what to think of him. He was so much bigger than me, but I think we're the same age. He kinda scared me and I showed it. I was labeled as a Newf Mix which they scoff at. I don't look anything like a Newf. They talked to the ladies who had brought me to meet them and decided they'd take me on a trial basis. I'm so happy they did for I don't know what would have happened to me if they hadn't. My brother Luke went to another family and I heard he's doing well shortly after he went to his home. Same with my sister who my first family called Daisy. I hope they're as happy as I am now.

I get scared easily and bark a lot at stuff I don't understand. Mum put me through doggie boot camp in my new backyard after I did some stuff I shouldn't have done and I LOVED having the direction I was lacking. I became a GOOD BOY. No one other than my parents had done anything like that for me and I love being given a job to do. They keep me and Bava apart now because I don't like boy dogs too much, but we still see each other every day and I lick the glass of the doors when I see him. He and I take naps together on either side of the glass doors.

I know a lot of tricks and Mum wants to train me to do some agility to keep my mind busy. I'm built for it! I'm also very fast. I caught a rabbit once and made Mum mad :( I gave it back even though I didn't want to.

I have a big fenced in back yard to roam around in and for a while, I went to work every day with Dad who used to work in the basement of our house until he switched offices. I had my own pillow, but I wanted to be outside more than being inside. I have a job to do; I have to patrol the backyard and keep the squirrels from taking nuts and stuff from the yard. Pesky little chippies! So, Dad would keep me in with him for a while, then he'd let me outside for a while to patrol the yard, then I'd go back in. Eventually, my sister Sophie would come outside with me to play and we'd get worn out racing around the yard playing chase and wading in our pool.

I have a huge deck that I protect and my own table that I like to nap on. I don't think I'd be a happy dog if I had to stay inside all day. Mom thinks that's the mix of dog breeds in me.

Me and Bava my first day home... (October '05)

Taking a nap while at work with Dad.

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