Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I am a Newf. My name is Bava (Italian for drool or literally, 'dribble'). I'm almost four years old and LOVE my life.

I started out being born to my doggie parents, Pebbles and Prince in a town just south of Memphis. My new Mum and Dad had been looking for a new puppy after their Sheltie had passed away earlier in the year. Mum had always wanted a Newf for as long as she could remember and Dad wanted a big dog too. They did a LOT of research and weighed the pros and cons of the breed and talked to a few breeders, joined some clubs online to learn about us as a dog and finally decided to come talk to my first human Mom, Jeanette.

I knew if Jeanette liked them I'd love them. I was in a pen with my only remaining brother (all the other puppies in my litter had already found homes) and three other puppies. I was "Green Boy" and my brother was "Red Boy". We ran all around the pen and climbed in their laps and had fun while they decided which of us puppies they wanted. I kept running up to my Mum and Daddy said, that's the one we should get. I was what they called "Full of Beans". I didn't know what beans were, but they seemed to like them.

My new parents went to look at the kennel and talk to Jeanette, her daughter and son and meet my folks who were in a pen together. Mom was shocked at how big my dog Dad, Prince was. He's a BIG boy. Then they came back, picked me up and after saying good bye to my puppy brother, we went into the house and they talked to Jeanette some more. They gave her some papers, she gave them some papers and some of my puppy food and we got in Mom's car for a "ride".

They stopped for me to tinkle and I started to learn about my new life and some cool stuff that I would be doing with my new family, like "Foot"

It took us about 10 hours to drive back cause we took a wrong turn, but we made it and I slept the whole night through. Mom and Dad couldn't get enough of my antics. Here's a shot of me with my new Mom in the front yard. I was doing raspberries the first 42 hours I got home :)

More in a bit!

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  1. Oh Bava I'm glad you finally joined the blog. I swear you and I are brothas from anotha motha! We looked so much alike. I'm sure our moms will talk about us behind our backs on something called BPO (I was snooping). Talk to you later!

    Your friend,