Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Fest!

Took the pups to our annual Christmas Fest held in the middle of town. Everyone knew we were going somewhere as we broke out the rakes/brushes to pretty them up. Everyone got a squirt of "smell-good" and a bandana to wear. THAT means there's a R-I-D-E guaranteed :) Even Grady got excited and did his foot stamping thing.

It was chilly enough for you to see your breath and the dogs. After our short ride, we put everyone's cruise control on (prong collars) and off we went for the little walk to the city central. Lots of folks got out of our way upon seeing the trio of Newfie's walking down the sidewalk. One lady said is that Molly and what's her name? I said nope...then thought, wait, they're here?

Molly and Jasmine are two girl Newfies owned by a family who frequents craft shows/festivals. How cool that they might be here. We quickly found them and snapped some shots after spending at least an hour catching up.

Sophie, Bava on the ground, Grady, Jasmine and Molly

Grady, Sophie, Jasmine and Molly

Grady, Sophie with an excellent flogger, Bava, Jasmine and Molly

Bava, Sophie, Grady, Jasmine and Molly

There were other dogs there as well, two Chihuahua's that thought they were bigger than the dogs and did kind of freak them out when they walked right up to the Newfs. Also, lots of people with questions.

Grady really surprised us, a little girl was there who walked up to him to pet him and he jumped up to try and lick her face. Really neat to see his personality come out.

The next day, Sunday everyone had some form of grooming done. The result was very tired dogs - two in particular.....

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